Attaining Thoughtless Awareness

The Goal : to attain thoughtless awareness
Prerequisites:     understand :
what are “thoughts”
“form” of thoughts
electro magnetic basis of thoughts

Levels/Types of consciousness:

Individual thought based “consciousness” – we are all different at this level
 Individual  non thought based  consciousness – stillness – we are not so
different here
collective consciousness– we are even closer here
 cosmic “consciousness” – God- we are all one here
How to attain non thought based “consciousness” i.e. how to renounce “thought

living mindfully – mindfulness ; bring Presence (self aware consciousness) into normal everyday; Choose small things to start with.
When you put your shoes on or off.
When you open a door, walk through, and close the door
When you peel a banana.
When you Listen to someone with complete attention and there is no mind activity.
When you Look at an analogue watch or clock and Know the time, without the mind activity that turns it into words..
When you Follow your breathing with full attention, including noticing the gaps between the breaths.
Practicing mindfulness in thoughts
Doing things mindfully
Observing, witnessing thoughts
Your Mind
•    Use ‘waiting for the next thought’ to slow down the mind when the mind stream is rampant. Use the simple Breathing Meditation (including noticing the gaps between the breaths) to slow the mind further, and then feel the Inner Body. Use this when you are having difficulties sleeping
•    When the mind is agitated – notice it and acknowledge that the mind is agitated. Accept the Isness of it completely. Sit with it and give it the Gentle Embrace. At the same time feel the Inner Body – this helps put Space around it
When your mind “thinks about things” – notice if those thoughts are relevant right NOW.
•    When you notice that your mind is being drawn into activity when you talk with someone –notice your breathing, including the gaps between the breaths, or feel your Inner Body, or both
•    Don’t take your Mind too seriously. It is as it is, the little runt! (joke)

Stillness – Space
•    Notice the stillness and space between the words, sentences, breaths etc. Notice the Gaps between the teeth (joke)
•    Do things in stillness and silence when possible and appropriate (e.g. when putting away the dishes in silence and stillness – quite a challenge, and requires intense attention)
•    Be aware of the Field of Still, Alert Space/Presence in which all perception arises – the underlying Presence. This Field of Now is the Sacred Space of NOW.
•    Observe the world through Stillness and Awareness. This implies No thought. This is what Eckhart does at the beginning of Talks, Intensives and Retreat.

•    Notice the Stillness and Space in Nature around you. Feel the Life in Nature, feel your Oneness and Connectedness with Nature.
•    Observe Nature without Mind Noise (thoughts about the name of the animal or plant, its scientific name and its taxonomy, its habits, its relatives, its place in the ecology, age, etc etc).
•    While observing Nature, feel the Inner Body. Also you can feel your breathing, including the gaps between the breaths.
•    Notice the background (the still, silent space) to sensory perceptions, especially in Nature.
•    View Nature with an Alert Stillness – view it as if you were seeing it for the first time. Use the same level of alertness that you use when noticing the gaps between the words (i.e. pure awareness/consciousness). When walking in Nature, walk slowly, and stay with each for a while – a few seconds – in a state of alert stillness, with no labeling or commentary. This is Knowing something – without mind movement – without labels. Occasionally walk alone in Nature. Be aware of the Field of Still Alert Presence in which the perception arises – the underlying Presence. This Field of Now is the Sacred Space of Now.
Meditating using mantras, breath, sound, light
Witnessing thoughts


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