Being in meditation – in the present moment

Meditation should be done without any goal. Meditation is the dropping of all goals, hence it can’t have a goal of its own; that will be against its very nature.

Goals exist in the future; meditation is to be in the present. There is no meeting ground between the present and the future — the future exists not — how can the no existential meet the existential? That is impossible.

Whatsoever the goal — it does not matter what that goal is — it may be God-realization, it may be attainment of nirvana–still it is a goal and any goal is against meditation. But our whole mind exists in the future; our mind is against the present.

The future is our creation, it is our imagination. We create it for a certain purpose; the purpose is to avoid the present. We don’t want to be in the present, we want to escape from the present. The future gives us an escape. To live in the future is to be an escapist.

You are in meditation in an eternal present, and you are not expecting any result. You are not doing it to improve yourself, because you found that you can’t. Your ego can’t possibly improve you because it is what’s in need of improvement, and your ego can’t let go of itself because it is a complex of thoughts called “cling­ing to one’s self.” When it is finally understood that it is   unable to achieve a transformation of consciousness, or  the vivid sense of union of individual and cosmos, it just evaporates.

In the present the mind dies. If you are utterly now, utterly here, there is no question of mind. You cannot think because thinking needs space and the present has no space in it. It is just like a needle point – it cannot contain anything, not even a single thought.


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