Live in the present

As we age, somewhere along the way, many of us lost sight of our purpose and became caught up in our conditions so much that life seemed to turn more towards stress and less towards fun. We worry, and in worrying, we lose our ability to trust that our needs will be met. This lack of trust and disbelief in life’s pleasures easily sweeps us right into the worries and chatter of our mind, while robbing us of the many exciting opportunities that each moment has to offer. We become bored, stressed out, frustrated, and even fearful or exhausted.
Appreciate ten things. If you can’t find ten right now, appreciate one. I promise, tomorrow you will be able to find more, and as your momentum of appreciation grows, your life will appreciate in value and in joy.
Being present and finding joy in this moment is where we are naturally meant to be. This means letting go of the negative ramblings of our minds, taking a deep breath, looking around into our experience, and finding something that brings us joy; even if it’s something as simple as our ability to turn our lips upward into a smile, or to wiggle our toes and stretch our feet.
We may find a space, in as many moments as we can find, where we can appreciate even just one thing that makes us truly, purely happy. In doing so, we can also easily remember the excitement and purpose of being alive, here and now. Let go of your heavy thoughts and make space for the lighter, happier ones. Bring out your inner happiness and let it shine.
So, what excites YOU? Find it, LET YOURSELF FEEL IT, and enjoy your moments as much as you can!


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