The Heart and the Head

The heart is always pure; there is no way to make it impure. And the head always impure; there is no way to make it pure.

And these are the alternative ways to live: one either can live in the head or one can live in the heart. If you live in the head you may be successful in life, you may become very rich, powerful socially, politically, you may become very respectable, world-famous. But deep down you will be all tears and nothing else because you will see the futility of all that you have attained; you have wasted such a precious life for rubbish. Death takes everything away.

This is the criterion: anything that can be taken away by death is not worth bothering about much. Anything that cannot be taken away by death — that is something to create, to discover. One can sacrifice everything for it, it is worth sacrificing for.

The heart cannot give you any outward success but it can give you a deep inner peace, a great joy, a blissfulness, a blessedness, a benediction, and it can slowly slowly lead you towards the other shore, towards god.

Only the door of the heart can become the door of god’s temple.
Move from the head to the heart.

With the mind we cannot understand anything which is effortless. Mind means effort. The mind can tackle anything, can maneuver anything which can be “done,” but the mind cannot ever conceive of something which “happens,” and cannot be done. The faculty of the mind is to do something; it is an instrument for doing. The very faculty of mind is to achieve something, to gain some desire.

Just as it is impossible to hear with the eyes or to see with the hands, it is impossible for the mind to conceive or to feel that which happens when you are not doing anything. The mind has no memory of such a thing. It knows only things that can be done and that cannot be done; it knows only things in which it succeeds and in which it fails. But it has not known anything which happens when nothing is done.


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